Women account for 21 of the 27 people killed in the Delhi fire, and many of them began working after the outbreak.

Out of 27 confirmed deaths so far, 21 were women . Majority of those killed in West Delhi were young women who had accepted jobs to support their families .

The majority of those killed in West Delhi on Friday were young women who had accepted jobs to support their families, especially after the pandemic.Out of the 27 confirmed deaths so far, 21 were women.Although only eight people have been identified so far, five women have been identified in the missing persons list compiled by police, 24 of whom are thought to be women.The building was used by a company that manufactured, assembled, and sold CCTVs and WiFi routers.

Pooja, 19, was one of the women who began working about three months ago.Throughout Friday night, her mother, Gayathri Devi, and her sister, Moni, stayed at the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital for the rest of the night in search of information about her.They were driven to the Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital by bus on Saturday afternoon, hoping to find her, but were met with a slew of disappointment.The family of three is from Mubarakpur, and her mother and sister had not heard from her since she left for work on Friday morning.

Nisha joined the workforce last year and was instrumental in the house's running.We never pressured her, but she was the only one who understood our situation.Her father doesn't work.She has five siblings who do not work.

She earned about Rs 7,500 a month.We've been looking at the bodies, but none of them are Nisha.Meera said she was alive in Bhagya Vihar, where she and her family began to work as helpers at the commercial building.Many of the other women who are feared dead were also found in the Nangloi, Mundka, and Najafgarh colonies.

When she heard about Nishas' financial situation, she applied for a job.Julie Devi, Yashodas sister-in-law, said, She stayed in a rented home with her husband and three children.It was a tight environment.Except during lunch hours, no one could use their cellphones.On Friday, we attempted to contact her, but her phone was turned off.

Yashoda is one of eight people whose bodies have been discovered so far.According to police, the condition of the corpses was making identification difficult, and DNA tests would be needed for more clarity.Vishnu Kumar, who lives in Bhagya Vihar, was holding a crumpled paper with eight names on it.We knew all the girls (on the list), he said.They owned their houses, and their families now reside in Bhagya Vihar.

We are poor people and would do everything possible to please our parents,' said Silu Devi, whose daughter Sweety, 25, is missing.Sweety and her partner lived in Bhagya Vihar with her husband.She didn't need to work.Her husband is a small business owner, but she would always say she wanted to send her two children to a good school.

She was supposed to fly to Patna and stay with me over the summer, but she said she had to do something else.I don't know what to tell her father right now.Drishti, a 26-year-old resident of Nangloi, is also missing, according to Sillu.Aman Kumar, her fianc, is from Ludhiana.

I have nothing left.She had been in the sales department for eight-ten months and earned around Rs 10,000 per month.We were all proud of her.After marriage, she wanted to work, and I was there for her.

There was only one exit.She could have been saved.........