Women architects provide vital ideas for designing success on International Women's Day 2022.

Today is International Womens Day, the day for women in the field of interior design. Meet a handful of architects at the forefront of their field, which has long been regarded as a male-dominated one.

Today is International Women's Day.Although words such as growth, success, and power will lead the conversation, there are few women who are actually out there doing the talking and, in this case, preparing it!Meet a handful of architects at the forefront of their field, which has long been regarded as a male-dominated one.We chat with them to hear their mantras for success and ask them to share personal stories to inspire others.

It certainly influenced her vision and led her on her path.Art and life as a whole influence my design aesthetic, according to the young founder of Paushika Gupta Architecture and Design.I believe in optimism and a good deal of white paint.My style is best described as luxuriously modern with a hint of Art Deco, and the aim is to blur the lines between art and design.

Women are credited with being the initiates of society and change, and on International Women's Day today, we ask her what she says about reimagining the world and creating success in a male-dominated profession.Its the passion that shines, she says, and the slogan is to know what you're doing and do it well.And if the glass is as hard and thick as concrete, I always say, women can break one glass wall after another by all odds and a great deal of sludge, which is no small feat.Sujata Chitalwala says that working with an eye for style and a flair for people management enhanced my growth.

Sujata Chitalwala, the main designer of the Designers Group, specializes in making jewelry.For many Indian and international hotel chains, she applies her expertise and expertise to redefine luxury, convenience, and creativity in hospitality interior design.She discusses her journey.I graduated and worked as a textile designer and then as an Interior Designer at Rachna Sansad in 1985, and she talks about her experience.

For someone who is involved in the project planning and discussions, she simply follows the client's brief and takes it from there.I believe in creating a well-planned, effective, and functional space in a manner that can be classified into a minimalist, and modern style, says Sujata.My design sensibilities have always been informed by nature, and sustainability has always been a main theme for me.My advice to women in this industry is: bring unmeasurable value to any initiative to make it a successful one, she says.

Smriti Raheja Sawhney is a craftswoman from a design background, but she chose to find a niche in this field.She attributes her optimistic style to her position as the founder and creative director of a leading full-service design-build turnkey architecture company in Delhi.Smriti takes a step back in time to tell of her design journey.I was raised in an architectural family, she says.

My varied background enables me to bring in a smoothness of thought and concept design.She seeks for new ideas.I have always been a firm believer in form over function, and my designs have a relatable interface and an organic feel, as demonstrated by my role model, Frank Lloyd Wright.Good design must invoke, incite, and convert a space into a beautiful atmosphere that lifts the spirit.

I have discovered my true calling in the field of interior design, and Aashita Chadha is said to be an apprehensive and multitasking woman, and Aashita Chadha is seen as the most happiest when she is doing so.The architect and woman entrepreneur who owns luxury homes in Bengaluru realized that this was what she wanted to accomplish the most.She shares a little about her trip and how she formed her company.When I started The KariGhars in 2010, it was regarded as a great achievement, she said.

I believe that I have found my true calling in the field of interior design.Aashita says that her work mantras are her forte.I laid the groundwork for the company's vision, she says, by focusing on a seamless and beautiful customer experience with a fresh style twist.The name of the firm came to me because it actually means skilled artisans who create houses.

It all contributes to my internal creative thinking process.I devoted all of my time to my studio, but also being an ambitious and dedicated interior designer.Shaily Ganatra is an interior designer by profession who made her return to the work world after eight years.Shaily Ganatra, who describes herself as a go-getter, is grateful that things have turned out the way she wanted.

I started this boutique interior design company in 2017, according to Shaily.I like luxurious things and learning more about them, and that is why I do what I do when I work with clients who have a penchant for the finer things in life.She explains that as a graduate of the Rashtriya Shala NSID, Rajkot, she says, developing a personal style has never been simple, but I try to make it seem naturally flawless.I put all my energy into my work by channeling all of my energy into my studio, and I strive for perfection when it comes to my art.

Think outside the box and work hard: Nikita Bajaj Pathak Push your boundaries, according to Nikita Bajaj Pathak, a woman who believes in her heart.This architect loves to work on a variety of projects, and as a director at Design21, she brings her expertise to the table.As a woman, I am proud to reflect on it all.Being out there and working hard are two things that contribute to success.

She went to the United States to face newer challenges earlier in life, which further honed her skills.Nikita is a writer for the American Express.It gives me a distinct edge in tackling design and execution challenges.For me, the thrill lies right from conception to execution, from sketching to completing the space.

It gives me a newness in each of my projects.