Workers at the Charaideo tea gardens commemorate Sarhul.

Sarhul is the tibetan New Year and is celebrated by the Munda, Oraon, and Ho tribes of Jharkhand . The term, Sarhul, means to worship trees or sal trees in general .

On Sunday, Sarhul, a popular festival celebrated by many tribes in the Jharkhand region, was celebrated at Hingrijan tea estate in eastern Assams Charaideo district for the first time.The central committee, womens wing, and mens wing of the undivided Sivasagar and Charaideo district committees of Asom Munda Mahasabha were involved in the festival.Despite the rain, thousands of Munda people gathered at the Hingrijan tea estate near Moran and attended the festival.In Assam, there are about 14 lakh Mundas who were brought in by the British to work in the state's tea gardens.

The term, Sarhul, means to worship trees or sal trees in general.As the tribal people are closer to nature, they begin the festival by worshipping natural resources, including trees.After the festival, locals will begin the bulk of the planting of seeds.Sarhuls' history dates back to the Mahabharata period.

During spring, the villagers sang to the village God or their tribe's protector, according to a legend.They celebrated it with lots of flowers, dance, and music.