YC leader detained in connection with AKG Center assault

Youth Congress leader arrested in connection with AKG Centre shooting . Police say they have identified the suspect after reviewing CCTV footage and scientific evidence .

TPURAM: Two and a half months after the assault on the AKG Centre in the capital, the crime branch has arrested a local Youth Congress leader in connection with the attack.According to agency reports, Jithin, a native of Manvila and chairman of the Attipra mandalam committee president of the Youth Congress, was identified after reviewing CCTV footage and scientific evidence.According to the police, the suspects' motorcycle and the t-shirt he was sporting in the CCTV photographs were pivotal in the investigation.The car also had a KSEB name board on it, and it became clear that it was a taxi vehicle registered in Jithins name rented out to an assistant executive engineer of the KSEB, Kazhakoottam.

The FBI had also confiscated his computer, but it was discovered that it had been tampered with and was sent for scientific examination.The department suspects more people were involved in the shooting.The crime department is now gathering more data, including the origin of the explosive and the two-wheeler driven by the perpetrator.Despite reviewing numerous video footage from CCTVs as well as checking the mobile phones of those who were under the same mobile tower location as the AKG center at the time of the shooting, the local police could not arrive at a conclusive conclusion.

According to him, an investigation will be launched into the development, manipulation, manufacturing of the explosive, etc.On June 30, the explosive was sent to the state's headquarters around 11.25 pm.Jithin sped away from Gowreeshapattom in a red colour two-wheeler, according to police, after throwing the bomb and riding into a vehicle.