ZStack International, a global leader in cloud computing, enters the Indian market with alternatives for cloud computing and virtualization.

ZStack International is a market leader in cloud computing, IaaS, and PaaS services . ZStack has about 400 employees, of whom 70 percent are R&D and technical team members .

New Delhi, India, June 24 (India): ZStack International, a Globally renowned market leader in cloud computing, IaaS, and PaaS services, today announced that they would be expanding to India and the SAARC Region.Initially focused on delivering innovative technologies for cloud computing and hybrid cloud scenarios, Kevin Poon, Executive Managing Director of ZStack International, said that Cloud adoption has become an essential component of the increasingly agile business world.Expansion into India comes at an appropriate time as we prepare for a more advanced technology age, and we will accelerate the digital transformation completely.We're delighted to have Devanshu, India's Country Manager, help us expand our operation in India, which is a crucial business goal for IT services.

His rich experience in sales and partner network engagement will continue to expand our company territory.We are looking forward to expanding our Cloud presence in India, according to Devanshu Bajpai, India's Country Manager.We want to introduce our new age technology in India, said Devanshu Bajpai, India's Country Manager.We are devoted to providing high-end cloud computing solutions that have low cost of ownership, higher efficiency when implementing virtual machines, and the shortest time frame for batch creating 500 virtual machines.

We want to exploit the market gap which will arise as a result of the proposed market leader's changes, Devanshu Bajpai said.We want Alliance to be formed before that moment rather than after, and each partner and distributor will be looking for their alternative in the cloud computing business.At this moment, we are also open to new alliances and partnerships from our existing partners in the cloud computing space, which result in higher revenues and higher ROI.For more information on their cloud computing offerings, please contact me-devanshu.bajpai@zstack.io.visit for more information.

ZStack has successfully provided the state-of-the-art cloud computing solutions to more than 2,000 enterprise customers from more than 30 countries, thanks to our dedicated partner networks.ZStack Private Cloud, ZStack Hybrid Cloud, ZStack Mini, ZStack Cloud Management Platform (CMP), and ZStack Ceph Enterprise are the productized services offered by ZStack Private Cloud, ZStack Hybrid Cloud, ZStack Mini, ZStack Cloud Management Platform (CMP).